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Lille Tut

Maria Mac Dalland on the Creation and Origins of Lille Tut

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Maria Mac Dalland on the Creation and Origins of Lille Tut

WeAnimate Magazine is an online magazine celebrating everything animation
– and with a special focus on the Danish and Nordic animation scene.

Morten Kaufmann on the Challenges and Opportunities of Lille Tut

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Denmark Goes to Bordeaux for Cartoon Movie

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The Animation Workshop’s Graduation Projects from 2024 now live

Throw caution to the wind and the universe will follow

A Conversation with The Animation Workshop’s Founder Morten Thorning

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The Hangman
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Sam Surplice’s Animation Journey

Titina Takes to the Sky

Dauntless and Delightful:
Mette Tange’s Secrets of Success

Bringing research to life through short animations

Meet “Pinocchio” Animation Supervisor
Brian Leif Hansen

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