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Graduation Projects 2024

From The Animation Workshop 2024 now live

The Animation Workshop’s Graduation Projects from 2024 now live

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It’s always exciting to see the latest graduate projects from The Animation Workshop, and WeAnimate Magazine is pleased to present the projects from the class of 2024.

For the past 30 years The Animation Workshop (TAW) has educated some of the most promising animation students in the world. Today the school is ranking number 4 of educational institutions world wide for the last couple of years 

The school started out as a short workshop in animation film production but has through the years grown in size and scope. Today TAW educates Character Animators, Computer Graphic Artists and Graphic Storytellers, provides courses for animation professionals, and does research and development into animation. Besides that, Viborg is home to a thriving international community of animators, artist and visual storytellers centered around TAW.

The graduates this year is showcasing how animation can be a medium for various storytelling methods, and we are proud to present a range of different gradution projects.

The official graduation happened physically in Viborg on January 19th2024, and WeAnimate Magazine is pleased to present all projects to the public:

About Time – short film

Astrid is out driving. Stopping by a strange lake, she meets her younger self. Immersed in the water, they flow in and out of their road trip together. Astrid rediscovers parts of herself, leaving others behind in the lake.

Judgement – release January 23rd – short film

A throne room engulfed in roots and branches echoes a past of something grand and royal. The Prince has returned to his fathers kingdom, only to find it forsaken and hollowed with silence. As we follow him going deeper into the thickening forest-like hall, glimpses of his past are revealed, pushing him closer and closer to his breaking point.

Monkey Movie – release January 26th – short film

The thick canopy blocks most sunlight, often taken by monkeys higher in the hierarchy. Suddenly, a fallen dead monkey disrupts the darkness. Monkeys gather, including Vervet with a small glass, playing with light. But monkeys higher up block the new ray. While others scatter, Vervet persists, fighting for a spot in the sun. Despite early victories, he realizes he’s in over his head.

Gumbo Galaxy – board game

Gumbo Galaxy is a 4 player tactical arena board game. Form the greatest team the galaxy has ever known! Do you have what it takes to become the next intergalactic champion?

Fight! Eat! and Make Friends! In the colosseum of the stars! 

Welcome… To Gumbo Galaxy!

The Art of Flood – concept art book

150 years have passed since an ice comet entered the atmosphere and caused global rainfall, resulting in a staggering rise of the world’s oceans by 4000 meters. For a long time, many mountains were habitable, however those areas were ultimately submerged beneath the water, leaving the Himalayas as the sole refuge for humanity. A new disease has caused a deadly pandemic stirring panic. Isaac, Adrian’s brother, has been infected and is deteriorating fast. They decide to embark on a quest for the cure.


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